Condensation in Sheds / Summerhouses over the winter months

We all use the garden shed for storage and the job we would like it to do is to keep all our garden accessories dry and away from the weather. However, it’s important to ensure you have good ventilation in the building to stop damp air building up. This is not normally a problem as most sheds / summerhouses have a little space around the door and sometimes a space near roof level.

This is good as this will allow air to flow through the shed removing musty, damp air and helping to remove some heat during our summers.

During the winter is the main time to condensation can be found in the sheds / summerhouses. Being closed can allow fungal spores to multiply and this can spread to the timber of the building. Also, human activity or keeping animals in there can make it worse, so ensure that the shed is ventilated on a regular basis. A shed roof can sometimes appear to be wet on the inside looking like the roofing felt is leaking. This moisture upon inspection of undamaged roofing felt is normally condensation.

To help allow and prevent a damp roof ventilation can be added reasonably easily by the addition of a plastic vent on both ends of the sheds / summer house. These can be left in an open position when not being used and can be closed if you wish to keep it warmer when you are working in there. The flow of air will then allow a transfer of air within your shed aiding a much less dense and drier atmosphere. The air flow will also help dry out a damp roof.

Ventilation can be helped by understanding how air moves about. As air warms up it gathers a little moisture and will rise drawing in cooler air underneath, until that warms up and rises. This helps to draw air in from outside with the warm (dampish) air leaving through the vents close to the top of the garden shed walls.

You will see that there are gaps in between the floor joists. These are there for a good reason and that is to allow air to circulate underneath the shed / summerhouse floorboards. This helps to keep them nice and dry. Resist the temptation to board these gaps up to stop rodents from getting underneath. To stop them getting under your shed floor you can use chicken wire over these open ends.

By following these ventilation suggestions, you help prevent / reduce the possibility of condensation in your shed / summerhouse quite considerably. The reduction in condensation will make for a drier building. It will also help to keep your valuables from the garden drier and ready to be used, rather than ending up covered in mildew.


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